Frank Camacho

Mr. Camacho is a credit underwriter and operations specialist at SG Capital Partners.  Prior to joining SGCP, Mr. Camacho was a Vice President, Credit at HomeXpress Mortgage Corporation, where he managed the underwriting, appraisal review, and due diligence functions.  Previously, he provided residential loan review and consulting expert assistance for expert witnesses in mortgage backed securities related litigation, both independently and with Edge Mortgage Advisory Corporation.  From 2005 to 2007 he was a Vice President, Credit at RBS Greenwich Capital, where he managed due diligence for whole loan acquisitions and mortgage backed securitizations.  Prior to RBS, he was the President of Acquisition Analytics, a California-based due diligence firm that provided residential mortgage advisory services to investment banks and bond insurers.  Mr. Camacho majored in Business Economics at the University of California, Santa Cruz.